For the men, pantyliners are pad like stuff we attach in our pants on a normal day to trap any liquid and keep us fresh and protected. You know the nature of our organ is open and the warmness allows for Bacteria to breed. So the pantyliners allows us to keep fresh.

The *NORLAND* pantyliner is an exception. It is made to help all conditions that may be affecting us. There is a green strip there known as the *MAGNETIC ANION STRIP*. This Anion is a great anti bacteria that cure a lot of ailments. It helps dislodge fibroid, cures STD’s boils, etc.

Some men have placed it on their postrates and received healing. What you do is remove the green Anion, wet it to release its potency and place it on whatever area u have issues. You may have to use a plaster or bandage to hold it down if u have a boil.

It is also great as a water therapy to detox.
Most of the ailments are in us. The anion releases its potency into the water and when we drink it regularly, it will fight all the bacteria from the inside.

All you need to do is peel off the covering from the liner, remove the green Anion, drop it in a bottle of water. Leave it to infuse for 10 mins then drink regularly. The pads and pantyliners comes in packs and with PVs. Invest in a pack today.

*Advertise to people. Use it and be your own reference point.*

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