⭐Five Organs Detox⭐
LIVER: Herbal Liquid detoxifies your Liver, enhancing its filtering ability, and producing a feeling of relaxation, ease, and positivity Green Toxins Color – come from liver.

HEART: Herbal Liquid detoxifies your Heart, revitalizes the entire body and induces the feeling of peace. Red Toxins Color – come from kidney’s.

SPLEEN/PANCREAS: Herbal Liquid detoxifies your Spleen/Pancreas, regulates appetite and smooth bowel movement. Yellow Toxins Color – come from spleen/pancreas.

LUNGS: Herbal Liquid detoxifies your Lungs, alleviating all types of breathing difficulties. White Toxins Color – come from lungs.

KIDNEYS: Herbal Liquid detoxifies your Kidneys, recharges your body with energy and vitality, and induces a feeling of security and courage. Black/Blue Toxins Color – come from kidneys.

💢Capturing Great Health


* All supplements are not Orthodox medicines but organically grown foods.

* All supplements prescriptions are subject to medical doctor’s supervision.

* Detoxification should be done first in case of severe health condition. And doctor’s supervision is needed in using Detox Pro Pack

* For most ailments more than one products can bring about a proper treatment.

* Supplements is best taken 30 mins /an hour before or an hour after meal.

* Children 1-6 years, pregnant women, nursing mother’s can take Calcium or Zinc granules and Natural B-carotene capsules.

1. Detox Pack
2. Healthyway Kuding Tea

3. Compound Molecules Peptide
4. Ginseng Cordyceps Sinensis
5. Isylm
6. Calcium, Iron Zinc Capsules
7. Immune+ Capsules for kidney and liver health, physical fitness
8. Immune+ Capsules to strengthen male vigor, lower blood sugar & cholesterol level, reduce stress, treat diabetes and sexual dysfunction, improve memory alertness
8. Wuqing Male/Female Health Pad
9. Vision Vitale Capsules suitable for people suffering from gluacoma, cataract etc. Unsuitable for NONE
10. Panty Liners

11. Sanitary Pads

12. Mebo GI
13. B-carotene
14. Ginseng Cordyceps

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