Entrepreneurship and valuebased Leadership Network ELN Program


ELN is a social enterprise program created to provide support for business development revealing strategic business outlets like solid minerals trading platform SMTP.

Nigeria and most part of the world is facing seriuos challenges in providing jobs and employment to the everyday rising population. We have witnessed high level of insecurity, kidnapping and armed banditry.

We live in fear because people who are hungry, and not patient anymore, have decided to get a very high paying lucrative job using all sorts of wrong schemes, to take money or properties away from those who have them, or accumulated wealth for generations yet unborn, while those born suffer.

It is in the light of this obvious reasons that SMTP bring to the open opportunities in the mining industry.

Most importantly, it offers you the certification, so you’re not an “illegal mining business owner” and SMTP make sure to pay royalties to the Government. This is why working with the regulated agencies and professionals gives credence to your business.

All over the world, the Artisanal Miners provide 80% of the solid minerals exported or imported. And to restructure this sector for maximum benefits to stakeholders, SMTP is bringing to the view of all the advantage of this great opportunity making money make money for you, wherever you are located in this world.

For more enquiry on how to participate

Email: artisanalminers@gmail.com

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