How well are you following trend?

Oil price has dropped and that’s the new talk of the town.

Before you join the discussion kindly take some minute on the street of Google to read everything about the development and it’s implication on the Global economy.

I did this all through the night and what I was able to deduced is that only the big boys will survive this global pandemic ish.

The big boys are in two categories

Guys with stack up cash
Guys with dynamic skills

Guys with cash can easily diversified into other sectors such as Chinese are already dominating the Agricultural sector in Africa.

They have the capacity to buy out the guy with skills, manpower, upgraded tech, utilities and others.

All things work for good as guys with skills can easily find their way into all sectors with their varying ideas.

If you are not in this two category – I’m sorry to say, you are on your own.

The hard truth is that many people will become poorer while only the big boys will become so wealthy and powerful.

How well are you positioning yourself for this challenge?

Don’t be hit twice!
Do all your best to get the needed skills that will position you for the postcovid challenge.

I don’t have stack up cash is not the excuse… Upgrade your skills!

If you are wondering what to learn in the Agricultural sector kindly visit https://www.elprogramme.worpress.com for courses. Leave a comment on agriculture to get all our course, which is free at the moment.

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