Greetings to the house and compliments of the season to everyone.

I would like to announce that the Federal Ministry of Information & Culture have formally endorsed the TV Reality Language Show I am privileged to be spear heading. It happened this December.

The main show (there are going to be 4 variants) would run as  a family competition over 47 weeks every year with the winning family picking up a house anywhere in the country. The house will be provided by the Federal Mortgage Bank every year for the next 10 years. Innoson Motors will provide a brand new car for the 2nd runner up while the 1st runner up will have educational scholarship for their children up to University Level.

The show is geared towards influencing our people to speak more of their indigenous languages in their various homes as a way to prevent the eventual extinction of our languages.

From March 2022, we hope to air the show on AIT network, NTA network & TSTV Africa.

There are over 500 languages in Nigeria and we intend to visit every single village and document their languages, cultures and customs not only for the show but also posterity.

This is why (the over 500 languages) the FMIC endorsed the show.

Apart from the endorsement, I also own the copyright to the show since 2016.

We shall also celebrate our indigenous cultures and customs via the show.

This is the 2nd Mock Edition we recorded at the GLIM Bible College hall in 2016 that was instrumental to the copyright award.

We intend to use GLIM Bible College Hall (with the kind permission of Papa) as our main studio for the next 10 years, although we shall be carrying the show to different parts of the country every quarter.

The Children Edition will take place every 27th of May in conjunction with the Federal Ministry of Education and ONLY children who can speak their indigenous languages very well would be eligible.

As I hinted earlier, there are going to be four variants of the show: Family, Children, Celebrity & Express Editions.

The Express Edition will be for anyone that can play a game on their phones using our short code every week and would be similar in style and ambience to the rested Who wants to be a Millionaire?”.

The Celebrity Edition will take place on Jan 1st, June 12th & Oct 1st every year and participants would be Celebrities (Politicians, Popular Musicians, Movie Stars, etc.) Who would go through a public voting process with the 1st three having the highest votes being eligible to enter the next edition.

The Family Edition will be restricted only to families (Father, Mother & Children).

For example, how many us know that with a small contribution of N2.5k every month for at least 6 months, you can be eligible for a housing loan of at most N5M (for non-Govt workers) from the FMBN to build your house (1, 2 or 3-bedroom) in any part of Nigeria on mortgage and pay back over 15 to 20 years?

In the Family Edition, we also want to promote small businesses in addition to the businesses of the Big Brands that are already associated with the show.

I suspected that most of us are not aware about this opportunity, but through the show what to do to take advantage of this process that is part of the National Housing Policy will become clearer.

So, if we know of any of our people that make food or gift items we could use to include in the takeaway packs we shall be giving out every week, pls connect them to me.

In the family edition, we shall be giving consolation prizes to the losing participants every week and gift items to every other participants (judges, audience, guests, helpers, etc.) also every week.

This show that would be watched by Millions of Nigerians every week would be a perfect opportunity for people who are forward thinking to take advantage now for their businesses to move to the National level, before the Big Brands rush in and make it difficult to feature small businesses.

We are currently accepting applications from families that would like to participate in the first quarter of the Family Edition (which we shall record at GLIM Bible College Hall in mid-February 2022). We need a total of 27 different families representing 27 different languages in this quarter. Pls, help to spread the word.

<Aproko234> Can You Really Speak Your Language Reality TV Show kicks-off in Mar 2022 on AIT & NTA Networks. Interested? To Pre-Register:


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