Success Story of Stream-1 of Jos-2021 Customer Service Clinic Part 1-of-3

On BU$I₦£$$ DIG£$T this morning, March 29, 2021

The success of the just concluded first ever Customer Service Clinic didn’t come without rejection of our proposals and offer.

As promised I will share one of the rejections(feedback).

I visited the MD of a micro financial institution, he clearly told me that I am not qualified to train their staff, since I dont have a banking experiences, that they only allow experienced former bankers to train their staff. While he was speaking I listened and smiled. When I finished I just told him, I have 13 years core banking operations experience in Nigeria with 3 commercial banks in Nigeria and I exited banking in 2017 as Branch Head of Operations.

Immediately, he adjusted his facemask downwards, he was surprised. He then went ahead to say that such trainer must be certified with Industrial Training Fund as a Consultant/Trainer since they have some regulatory oversight on training and capacity building over them. I smiled and told him, I am a Curriculum Development Consultant with the ITF since 2019 and have trained ITF Staff since 2019 as well.

That was when he removed the facemask completely. He was then like, am I based in Plateau State or I came from Abuja? I told him I have lived in Jos, Plateau State for over 14 years.

His feedback as a rejection was simply because they either have exceeded their training budget for the month or they had other engagement, but was looking for a professional ground to reject my offer.

This typically happens to many of us in the Learning and Development Industry, so the need for continuous development.

He was shocked when I told him those that will be present. As I speak, I will still propose to him that of November, 2021

If you learnt anything from this, kindly share with someone out there.

Dr. Emmanuel Idenyi Shaibu
animn, ace, f.hcd, f.dss, m.frcn, fimc, cmc, cms, FAiPA, DPA
The Millennium Entrepreneur


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