Solid Minerals Trading Platform (SMTP) Trader Teamwork Success Tripartite Perspectives

Is created by Alarmy Global Resources for mining entrepreneurs in the mining industry, where everyone can leverage on the Ability of the Geology & Mining Professionals and Artisanal Miners Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited (AMCSL) under the Artisanal & Small-scale Mining (ASM) Department of the Ministry of Mines & Steel Development (MMSD) to trade successfully in solid minerals.

The mining infrastructure setup is purposely to provide economic access, generate revenue and create jobs.

Nigeria and most part of the world is facing seriuos challenges in providing jobs and employment to the everyday rising population. We have witnessed the result of this, high level of insecurity, kidnapping and armed banditry.

We live in fear because people who are not patient anymore, have decided to plan their lives to get a very high paying lucrative job using all sorts of schemes, to take money or properties away from those who have them, or accumulated wealth for generations yet unborn, while those born suffer.

It is in the light of this obvious reasons that Alarmy Global Resources put together SMTP team for all to be able to benefit. With as little as #5000 or less, you can become a mining entrepreneur.

SMTP offer a high yielding sustainable return on investment. It is designed to pay you per trade. And for those willing to learn the trade, to be involved in the process, they’re given the opportunity to attend the SMTP WORKSHOP for a period of time, learning on the business. It allows you to start earning while learning.

Most importantly, it offers you the certification, so you’re not an “illegal mining business owner”. SMTP makes sure to pay your demanded royalties to the Government. This is why working with the regulated agencies and professionals gives credence to your business.

All over the world, the Artisanal Miners provide 80% of the solid minerals exported or imported. And to restructure this sector for maximum benefits to stakeholders, SMTP is bringing to the view of all to take advantage of this great opportunity to making your money make money for you, wherever you are located in this world.

For more enquiry on how to participate;

Call: +234 705 973 5701


#t42r Table For Two Reality Programme

Resourcing for

1<SDGs & MAP>

2<health & wealth>

3<requesting party & service provider>

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15<sport & game>

16<mission & vision>

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18<training & development>

19<contest & award>

20<Artisanal Miners & Care Nigeria>

The list go on.

Choose an item and drop a comment on it, to book a table for two reality programme with a partner chosen by you, to attend “secret to entrepreneurial success workshop” and stand the chance to become the ENTREPRENEUR ROYAL PERSONALITY IN NIGERIA with a strategic business outlet established for you, to own.

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The CV That Gets Attention

In our part of the world, CV and a résumé means the same thing but in other climes, they mean different things entirely. Some of us have been submitting CVs like forever and yet we don’t get interview invites.

The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow, don’t give up, beginning is easy continuing is hard. It is not our abilities that show what you truly are, it is your choices. Dont bother with small plans, they motivate no one. The Lord guides.

“`What is a CV?

A CV is an official document that contains the profile, educational and career background of a person.

The problem is that your CV is not passing what is known as The 30 seconds Test. The 30 seconds test simply means that an employer or interviewer will decide if he’s going to employ you or not within 30 seconds of perusing your CV.

The Do’s and Donts of CV


1. Never start your CV with “Curriculum Vitae”. Start with your name boldly written with a larger font.

2. Ensure the address on your CV is the same with the location of the job. It will make interviewers consider you faster. e.g, if the job is in Lagos, apply with a Lagos address. If you don’t stay in the same location, look for someone you know that use same location.

3. Don’t use childish email address. Use an email address with your name. Don’t use email address such as It says a lot about your maturity and professionalism. You can use or If the name is already taken, add some numbers, e.g

4. Under personal data or profile. Some entities like date of birth, state, local government and nationality are not compulsory. As a matter of fact, if the age they need doesn’t favour you, just take off your date of birth. Keep the interviewer in doubt. Rather sell your skills.

5. Under educational background and dates, simply write your school, your course of study and then the year you graduated. Take off the year you got admission. Some people started school in 2005 and graduated in 2012 for a 4-year course. It might not be their fault but employers wouldn’t take it that way since you’re not there to defend it. So I repeat, write out only graduation year.

Also, there’s no need for your grade (First class, 2.1, 2.2, etc). Just take it off.

6. Professional Certification is another area that’s making people lose out of job search in recent times. Under this section, most people don’t have what to put and it pisses off most employers. It means you haven’t done much to add value to yourself. If you are a Corp member here, try to do one or two professional course during your service year, else you will be submitting what we call a blank CV’. For those working, you can use your weekends to achieve same. It will help you in your next job search.

Under your work experience, you are expected to state where you worked, your job designation and your responsibilities. If you are no longer working in the firm, write your responsibilities in past tense. The current place of work can be written in present tense.

However, all your work experiences need not go on your CV except the one relates to the job you’re applying for. it makes your CV concise.

** Under you hobbies and interest, you need to be careful of your choices. I once saw a CV that has playing video games as the applicant’s hobby. I quickly discarded the CV. Your hobbies should be within researching, meeting people, playing scrabble or chess, mentoring and travelling. But be sure you are into the hobbies as it could be placed before you one day.

9. Under your referees or references, please you are expected to have your referees name, address, phone number and email address. You can also use your family member as your referee but ensure you don’t use the same surname. Also, ensure your referees are aware you are using them as referees to avoid stories that touch.

10. An ideal CV should be in black and white not coloured except on two occasions: if you are applying as a graphic designer and you want to wow your employer or when your CV has the logo of the company you’ve worked before under your job experience.

11. Never forward a CV from your inbox to another employer. Open and compose a fresh mail then upload your CV and send

12. When sending your CV, make sure the subject carries the job role you are applying for.

13. Don’t save your CV on your laptop or phone as ‘My CV’ or Edited CV’. Simple save it with your full name, e.g Adebayo Michael Samuel.

14. When sending your CV, don’t leave the email page blank. Copy your cover letter and post on the email page. Forget the usual ‘Sir, kindly find attached herewith for your .

15. You don’t need to append your passport photo on your CV except the employer request for it which is quite rare.

** Cover Letters;

* What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a letter used in applying for a job position. It tells the employer your achievement(s) and how you can replicate same achievement in his firm if considered for the job. In fact, a cover letter allows you sell yourself to an employer, making him see what he stands to gain should he employ you. The major idea behind cover letters is to enable you seduce your would-be boss to see you as the best candidate. However, we have to be careful with our choice of words so we don’t brag instead of selling our skills. We have three major types of cover letters and they all play different roles:

1. Speculative or cold calling cover letters

2. Cover letters in response to job adverts

3. Cover letters with names dropping.

1. Now, we send speculative or cold calling cover letters to firms we are not sure have vacancies but we want to work there. You send such cover letters and then send a follow-up letter three weeks later. The idea is to put yourself in the eyes of the employer.

2. Cover letters response to job adverts have taken over application letters. It is written to woo an employer that you are the right candidate for the job. Here, you look at the skills they need the candidate to have and tell the employer you can do it. You also tell the employer problems you’ve solved in the past. It could be when you made your students do well in WAEC during your Youth Service year or when you made a good sales for your former/present firm. Even your social media skills can be brought in by telling your employer that you would use it to project the firm to people.

3. Cover letters with name dropping is used when you are recommended by someone to a company. On the letter, you will need to state who recommended you and address the letter to the particular person you were told to write. It takes the form of speculative cover letter but only has names stated on it. So in a nutshell, cover letters are to make you sell your skills, so give the employer your best shot.

Ok. I will like to address some interview questions and how to answer them.


You are not expected to tell them your life history of how you are the last born and related to your village head. All they want to know are your name, educational background and career background. e.g My name is Michael Jacob, a graduate of Mechanical Engineer from University of Lagos and also a career engineer.


This gives you an opportunity to sell yourself. Tell them about your qualification, experience (if you have) and skills.

I should be hired because I’m academically qualified for the job. I also have the needed experience and skills needed to carry out the task I’m being interview for.


If you like tell them ‘Yes, I have a car’ or ‘Of course! who doesn’t have a phone?’. You are on your own.

What they are simply asking is are you free to relocate from your present location if we employ you?’. If it’s possible, simply say ‘yes’.

This question is meant to cage you to ‘one corner’. I know you all know the song.
If you say ‘yes’, it means you can’t be trusted. If you say ‘no’, it means you don’t have the interest of the firm at heart. So what do you say?
Simply Tell them, ‘As a professional, I will do anything within my powers to protect the interest of my company’. ‘within my powers’ is an open statement. That means if you can lie, you will. If you can’t lie, you wouldn’t.


This is a tricky one. Don’t go self destructive by telling them,’ I have two boyfriends sir, Emeka and Peter. In case, Emeka disappoints me’.
They are not interested in your affairs. This is a ‘perfunctory’ question meant to probe your disposition. They want to know how sociable you are. So answer this way, Sir; I have many friends and if given the opportunity to work here, I will make sure they do business with this firm.


*1. Tell us about yourself?* The interviewer is not interested in hearing stories; they simply expect to know your academic and professional achievements, your name and the institution you currently work for. Take a minutes to introduce yourself, and state your recent academic qualification and your relevant experience (if any).

*2. Why do you think you are the best candidate?* The recruiter expects you to tell them about your professional achievements and the unique skills you possess that will add value to the organization. If you are a Customer Care graduate then you should tell them that you are a good listener and patient; these are the qualities the employer is looking for.

*3. What are your weaknesses?* The question is not simple as it looks; most candidates go blank when they face this kind of question. Take your time in explaining why you can’t leave the office before you complete a task. You can also inform them how you are quick to trust a person, which in most cases makes you a victim.

*4. Where do you see yourself in five years?* The employer wants to know whether you are ambitious or you’re the kind of a person who secures a job and then you forget about yourself. Answer the question by stating how you intend to further your studies and grow professionally as you strive to meet your employer’s goals. (It is important to tie your goals to your employer’s goals because no employer would be willing to hire and invest in a rookie who will leave their organization in a year or less after they have invested in training the individual)

*5. How do friends describe you?* The question is testing your personal attributes, when answering it ensure that you don’t over exaggerate. Take the shortest time possible to state the best attribute you possess that you believe will add value to the institution.

*6. What do you know about this company?* Before you enter the interview room, ensure that you go through the company website to read latest news, company profile, goals, management team, objectives, vision and mission; they will help you answer this question.(where the company is unknown, do your research and be familiar with the business/industry you desire to build your career) The question expects you to briefly describe what you read on their website and not what you imagine of the company.

*7. Do you have any question to ask the panel?* This is usually the last question that the interview panel asks interviewees; if you fail to ask them questions, you will lose some marks, always have a question to ask no matter what. Ask them whether they have plans to expand their business, whether they support employees to further their studies and how they motivate employees. You can pull a surprise by asking when you can start, it shows confidence.

*8. What is your salary expectation?* The question is tricky because as a fresh graduate you don’t have a clue what to be paid; simply ask them what they pay others of your level, if they fail to give a satisfactory answer then give them a reasonable range. Ensure you do your research before you go for interview room because you must be asked this question.

*I found very much interested so I had to share with you*

SoftWorld Ventures 2kks Requesting Party & Service Provider Solution na which work you dey do? is connecting REQUESTING PARTY with SERVICE PROVIDER
to generate, direct traffic and improve sales, helping entrepreneurs and customers to meet their daily needs conveniently, from the comfort of your mobile phone.

Since God won’t come down with wings to connect you, to meet your need(customer, follower, fan, reader, stakeholder), He is using PEOPLE, PROCESS and PRODUCT to meet your need per time.

So, God created man in His own image, with the image potentiality to develop solution to problem. If poverty, hunger, poor health is a problem, you have the solution.

“Individually, the people of Babylon prospered and so Babylon became the wealthiest nation of ancient times.

“George Clason – “The Richest Man in Babylon”

Be a vessel unto glory, a blessing, and remain blessed because the blessings flow through you.”

Never refuse to be used by God as the pipe to supply the need of another person, else the pressure over the closure of the pipe will make you burst. This is what happens to a pipe that is closed up, and heavily pressured by water but not allowed to flow out for use.

From everyday call and email, you get a meeting point on-offline is set. And to make every meeting a memorable one for FAMILY & FRIENDS, we relate in a natural manner, as to always add value to relationships, meeting each other’s need.

This is why 2kks kia kia service is connecting requesting party with service provider, to meet your daily needs.

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Mission is to reveal the entrepreneur royal personality attributes and traits influencing community, national and global impact.
It is envisioned to develop successful entrepreneurship valuebased network promoting cooperative relationships and empowering entrepreneurs.

To accomplish this, strategic business outlet owners are adviced to register on 234Aproko 2kks, so that your business will:

1.) Generate traffic
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For requesting party, your Loyalty Rate is generated each time you complete any transaction at a registered business outlet.

Royalty Reward position and place you on table for two reality programme to WORK & EARN:

On 2kks, NORLAND health and wealth personal care & personal development outlet Position and Place you;

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Image Credit: Norland Global Team

Herbal Male Treatment Pad is just one out of the many products by NORLAND industrial group, to meet your need for quality health.

Omora Foundation in Nigeria is facilitating table for two reality health & wealth, training & development, contest & award of products to solve health issues and recruit workers who become independent distributors, with their own network marketing business, hairstyle & wears, food & drinks, personal care & personal development outlet.

Visit Care Nigeria Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited Facebook Page to like and leave a comment.

On 2kks, you can also locate and access the Solid Mineral Trading Platform #SMTP with Geology & Mining Professionals, Artisanal Miners and Artisanal Small-scale Mining Department of the Ministry of Mine & Steel Development.

Image Credit: Alarmy

Imagine the business you can start small, profit and learn on the job/business you never did before, but have interest.

#SMTP is offering you mining entrepreneur opportunities in the mining industry.
It is no more for just a few! It is now made open to everyone, by people who have agreed to be a blessing to so many people looking for the way making money make money.

With #50,000/ton investment, you stand the chance of making #100,000 (#150,000) in this opportunity per trade (and you can have 3 trades in a month when mechanized). Limited chance for those in need per mineral! Join now!!

Send a message of interest to;

+234 705 973 5907
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Life is Always Changing, But God Remains The Same.

Worrying doesn’t take away tomorrow’s troubles, it takes away today’s peace as a very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love. Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced everyday. Explore the world, you’II discover yourself. The Lord consolidates…….. Good day!

*The Sky Gets Dark, Slowly*

Mao Dun literary prize winner Zhou Daxin’s latest novel to be published, “The Sky Gets Dark, Slowly”, is a sensitive exploration of old age and the complex, hidden emotional worlds of the elderly in a rapidly ageing population.

In it he writes, “…Many elderly speak as though they know everything, but of old age they are in fact as ignorant as children. Many elderly are in fact, completely unprepared for what they are to face when it comes to getting old and the road that lays ahead of them.

In the time between a person turning 60 years old, as they begin to age, right until all the lights go out and the sky gets dark, there are some situations to keep in mind, so that you will be prepared for what is to come, and you will not panic.

The people by your side will only continue to grow smaller in number. People in your parents’ and grandparents’ generation have largely all left, whilst many your peers will increasingly find it harder to look after themselves, and the younger generations will all be busy with their own lives. Even your wife or husband may depart earlier than you, or than you would expect, and what might then come are days of emptiness. You will have to learn how to live alone, and to enjoy and embrace solitude.

Society will care less and less for you. No matter how glorious your previous career was or how famous you were, ageing will always transform you into a regular old man and old lady. The spotlight no longer shines on you, and you have to learn to contend with standing quietly in one corner, to admire and appreciate the hubbub and views that come after you, and you must overcome the urge to be envious or grumble.

The road ahead will be rocky and full of precarity. Fractures, cardio-vascular blockages, brain atrophy, cancer… these are all possible guests that could pay you a visit any time, and you would not be able to turn them away. You will have to live with illness and ailments, to view them as friends, even; do not fantasise about stable, quiet days without any trouble in your body. Maintaining a positive mentality and get appropriate, adequate exercise is your duty, and you have to encourage yourself to keep at it consistently.

Prepare for bed-bound life, a return to the infant state. Our mothers brought us into this world on a bed, and after a journey of twists and turns and a life of struggle, we return to our starting point – the bed – and to the state of having to be looked after by others. The only difference being, where we once had our mothers to care for us, when we prepare to leave, we may not have our kin to look after us. Even if we have kin, their care may never come close to that of your mother’s; you will, more likely than not, be cared for by nursing staff who bear zero relation to you, wearing smiles on their faces all whilst carrying weariness and boredom in their hearts. Lay still and don’t be difficult; remember to be grateful.

There will be many swindlers and scammers along the way. Many of them know that the elderly have lots of savings, and will endlessly be thinking of ways to cheat them of their money: through scam phone calls, text messages, mail, food and product samples, get-rich-quick schemes, products for longevity or enlightenment… basically, all they want is to get all the money. Beware, and be careful, hold your money close to you. A fool and his money are soon parted, so spend your pennies wisely.

Before the sky gets dark, the last stretches of life’s journey will gradually get dimmer and dimmer; naturally, it will be harder to see the path ahead that you are treading towards, and it will be harder to keep going forward. As such, upon turning 60, it would do us all well to see life for what it is, to cherish what we have, to enjoy life whilst we can, and to not take on society’s troubles or your children’s and grandchildren’s affairs on for yourself. Stay humble, don’t act superior on account of your own age and talk down to others – this will hurt yourself as much as it will hurt others. As we get older, all the better should we be able to understand what respect is and what it counts for. In these later days of your lives, you have to understand what it means, to let go of your attachments, to mentally prepare yourself. The way of nature is the way of life; go with its flow, and live with equanimity.

*******For all of us, a nice read, very beautiful, very true …. !

Hardly the day started and … it is already six o’clock in the evening.

Barely arrived on Monday and it’s already Friday.

… and the month is almost over.
… and the year is almost up.
… and already 50 or 60 or 70 years of our lives have passed.
… and we realize that we lost our parents, friends.
and we realize that it is too late to go back …

So … Let’s try to take full advantage of the time we have left …
Let’s not stop looking for activities that we like …
Let’s put color in our greyness …
Let’s smile at the little things in life that put balm in our hearts.

And yet, we must continue to enjoy serenely the time that remains.
Let’s try to eliminate the “after” …
I do it after …
I will say after …
I will think about it after …
We leave everything for ‘later’ as if “after” was ours.

Because what we do not understand is that:
after, the coffee cools …
after, priorities change …
after, the charm is broken …
after, health passes …
after, the children grow up …
after, the parents get older …
after, the promises are forgotten …
after, the day becomes the night …
after, life ends …
And all that afters, we find it’s often too late ….

So … leave nothing for ‘later’ …
Because in always waiting for later, we can lose the best moments,
the best experiences,
the best friends,
the best family …
The day is today … The moment is now …

We are no longer at the age where we can afford to postpone until tomorrow what needs to be done right away.

So let’s see if you’ll have time to read this message and then share it.

Or maybe you’ll leave it for … “later” …
And you will not share it “ever” ….

Even share with those who are not yet “seniors”.

May you be well and happy during the old age time!

Register Your Business To Get The Desired Attention And Participate On Table For Two Reality To Give Your Customers The Chance To Win Big!

table for two reality

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SEND your
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Grow wise!

It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends. Never give up, failure and rejection are only the first step to succeeding do not limit your challenges, challenge your limits. Decision determines destiny. The Lord enables…… Good morning!